About US

About Salama Productions

Salama Productions is an independent Video game developer founded in 2018 and based in Cairo, Egypt. We dream to surprise the audience with cinematic unique story driven experiences of the highest quality. Our mission is to create thriller indie video games that ignite enthusiasm and curiosity. We focus on cinematography aesthetics so every scene of the game can be seen as a painting.

Our Approach to The Video Game industry is Centered Around Learning & Growing With the latest technology

We are super keen to utilize the latest technology Specially real-time computer graphics to create next-gen graphics in our video games and surprise our audience with a new level of innovative and unique indie entertainment

Vision And Philosophy

Our philosophy as an indie developer is to use our team capabilities most efficiently by adopting nostalgic classic games small-scale environment design concepts and abandoning modern games poring open-world ideas. While our main priority is to create highly detailed worlds that every asset can be called a masterpiece on its own no matter how much time or cost it takes, rushing art have very bad consequences on the final product, so we will be willing to endure the high cost of making such thing and we are willing to make this sacrifice for making extraordinary art.

Our Awesome Team

Mohamed Fawzy

Mohamed Fawzy

Game Cinematic Artist

Indie Game Developer, Cinematography Enthusiast, 3D Props/Environment and Unreal Engine Artist.

Ahmed El-Selouky

Ahmed El-Selouky

Lead Game Designer

Writing GDDs, working with Unreal Engine4, Public Relations with most people in the gaming industry in Egypt. 

Sonica Sana

Sonica Sana

Community Manager & PR

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Marine Garrix

Marine Garrix

Concept Artist

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Developing cinematic games have been our ultimate goal for a long time, but it takes a lot of persistent for indies to make the games they dream of making

Short Term Goals
Create and produce high-end game environment and props art that is (game ready) and make it available for sale or keep it to be used in our games exclusively in the future 
Medium Term Goals

Start relying on 3d scanning in producing our 3d game assets based on photogrammetry methods and start producing content through this technology, then upgrade our scanning equipment through time  

Long Term Goals

Start producing our first indie video game title/series

What We Do Best

Game Environments


Game Cinematics

Game Props


3D Scanning

Unreal Engine

3d Game Asset Production

Tech Demos

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