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Not only capable of Raytracing it goes beyond traditional Raytracing.


What is Unreal Engine NvRTX ?


NvRTX is a custom branch of Unreal Engine that is capable of next-gen graphics developed by Epic Games and Nvidia, and used internally by us.

What can NvRTX do?


NvRTX leverages the power of next-gen gaming PCs to bring forth the cutting-edge ray tracing technique in real-time, but it also incorporates it using its own unique technology.

NvRTX makes it possible to render light transmission through objects in real-time, which requires more complex and a larger amount of data processing than ordinary ray tracing, while maintaining high frame rates. This capability allows us to materialize cutscenes the way you imagine them, with greater emotional impact and even better quality than real life.


Traditional Game Engines Raytracing


In most game engines that even have raytracing features, light stops at the surface of the object, NvRTX has implementations that calculate and allow light to go through objects, the calculation is done in real-time which simulate real-life Light physics.


Traditional Game Engines vs NvRTX

The Quality of Offline Pre-render in Realtime 

The image on the left is an offline pre-rendered scene on a raytracing software called POV-Ray like many render software such as V-Ray, Mental Ray, Octane, Arnold, etc. The image on the right is the same scene running on NvRTX at 60fps and calculated in real-time.

Left: Offline render that took 560 hours to generate. VS  Right: Real-time scene running at 60fps.

Perfect Simulations Of Reality

NvRTX Ray Tracing is based on the physics of light, capturing all light interactions in the scene and simulating them as they would appear in reality to produce the most realistic representations of real life.

Simulating light dispersion and achieving continuous spectrum in NvRTX.

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