Add Game Data

Game Data Types

Do you want to contribute to the RNGD database and help us make it better? You can add new data for games, people, characters, and companies that are not yet in our database. You can also edit existing data for accuracy, completeness, and relevance. By adding game data, you are not only helping us improve our database, but also helping other users and developers find and access the information they need.

To add game data to the RNGD database, you need to have a librarian 🏛️ membership access level or higher. This will allow you to add up to 3 entries per month. If you want to add unlimited entries, you need to have a verified ringer ⭕ membership access level. You can check our membership plans here and see which one suits you best. By becoming a member, you are not only supporting our platform, but also joining a community of passionate and creative indie game enthusiasts. 

Add Game

You can add game by filling out a simple form with the basic information about the game, such as title, genre, platform, release date, description, and more. You can also upload screenshots, videos to showcase the game. You can also link the game to its developers, publishers, characters.

Add Person

Do you know a person who works in the indie game industry and is not in our database yet? You can add them by filling out a simple form with the basic information about the person, such as name, role, birth year, country, biography, and more. You can also upload a photo of the person.

Add Character

Do you know a character that appears in an indie game and is not in our database yet? You can add them by filling out a simple form with the basic information about the character, such as name, aka, backstory, relationships, abilities and more. You can also upload an image of the character.

Add Company

Do you know a company that makes indie games and is not in our database yet? You can add them by filling out a simple form with the basic information about the company, such as name, year established, country, history, and more. You can also upload a logo and a website link to identify the company. 

Edit Existing Puplished Data

This section explains how you can edit the data of any game, Person, Character, or Company that has already been published on the RNGD website. You can use this section to fix any mistakes, update any information, or add any details that are missing or incomplete.

There are two ways to edit existing published data, depending on whether your data has been reviewed and published yet or not:

  • If you submitted your data through the Add Game Data form and it is still pending review and publication, you can go back to the form and make any changes you want.
  • If your data has already been published, you need to go to the Edit Game Data form and choose the Game Data Type. Then, enter only the name of the game, developer, publisher, or platform and the fields you want to change with the new information.

To edit existing published data, you need to have an active librarian 🏛️ membership access level. You also need to follow the guidelines and rules of RNGD and provide valid sources and links for your edits.

Getting Started


If you want to start contributing to the RNGD database, here is a step by step guide on how to do it


  1. Register: Sign up as a member and get the free Ranger ⭐ access level basic plan. This will allow you to browse and search the database, rate and review games, and join discussions.
  2. Claim offer: Choose the offer that suits you best from limited time offers to get the paid Librarian 🏛️ access level for free. For example, you can retweet our one of our tweets, write a blog post about us, or invite your friends to join us. Then click on the claim offer button and fill out the form.
  3. Upgrade membership: Wait until we review your request and verify your eligibility. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation and your membership will be upgraded. You will now be able to add game data to the database.
  4. Start contributing: Click on the button under each type of data that you want to add: game, person, character, or company. Fill out the form with the relevant information and upload any media files if needed. Submit your entry and wait for our moderators to review it. Once accepted, your entry will be added to the database.

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