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We Make Horror Healing Games

We’re Salama Productions, an indie game developer with a revolutionary vision: to create healing games.

Horror games have held us captive with their chilling narratives and adrenaline-pumping thrills. But what if, instead of nightmares, we could weave stories that mend the soul, cultivate calm, and inspire hope?

Healing games do just that. They’re the antidote to the shadows of fear and anxiety, crafted with the meticulous artistry of their horror counterparts, but instead of plunging players into the abyss, they guide them on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and emotional well-being through cinematic experience with stunning photorealistic graphics.

Next-Gen Graphics

We use a modified version of Unreal Engine that supports advanced ray tracing and lighting technology. It can render realistic light transmission through objects in real time, achieving next-gen graphics quality.

Salama Productions 2021 logo
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what kind of video games we love to make ?

Small Scale

We don’t waste time on boring open worlds. We focus on creating detailed and immersive environments.

NPC Dialogues

You shape the story and the lore with your choices and interactions.               


Highly Detailed

We craft every environment with care and attention, making them rich and thrilling.

Ultra Graphics

We push the boundaries of graphics performance. You’ll need a powerful GPU to enjoy our games.

Story Driven

We tell captivating stories that evoke emotions and immerse you in the game world.

Cinematic Style

Films can tell a story but video games can make you live a whole experience. 


We use a custom version of UE4 that goes beyond traditional ray tracing to achieve photorealism.


We draw inspiration from classic games and remakes, giving our games a nostalgic vibe.

Salama Productions News


Welcome to our news section, where you can find the latest updates and announcements about our games and startup.

Salama Productions Off The Grid Bad Dream Dev Log

Dev Diary

Welcome to our dev log / dev diary section, where you can follow our journey and experience of creating healing games.

Off the Grid: Bad Dream

Game Project

Our first title of healing games: a new genre inspired by horror games, but with a twist that makes the counter opposite of horror.

Salama Productions 2021 logo

Become A Partner!

We love to collaborate with all segments of the gaming community, whether you are an indie game developer, business, organization, artist, programmer, website owner, YouTuber, podcaster, reviewer, channel, event organizer or press. If you have an offer for cooperation or just want to say hi and make a connection, contact us today.



A site that provides the latest news, updates, and reviews on a large scale on technology, hardware, and video games.                      

Ramy Mostafa

Head of Marketing, HDR247

Game Ludens

Just some dudes who appreciate Video Games as an art, and we aim to view this industry to everyone as the way we see it.

Ahmed Saber

Founder & CEO, Game Ludens

Gamers Beat

Your #1 gaming community in Egypt, and a YouTube channel that offers gaming content such as game reviews and gameplay streams.

Ahmed El bolaky

Community Manager, Gamers Beat

We are proud to announce our partnership with Microsoft for Startups

We are an indie video-game developer that creates healing games: a new genre inspired by horror games, but with a twist that makes the counter opposite of horror. Our games aim to uplift the player with harmony, happiness, and healing effects through mystery, thriller, adventure, and immersive gameplay. Games that heal.

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined the Microsoft for Startups program, a global initiative that helps startups grow and scale with access to technology, mentorship, and business support from Microsoft.

We are looking forward to working with Microsoft for Startups and taking our games to the next level. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our healing games, our partnership, and our upcoming projects. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more news from us!

We love Unreal Engine and Epic Games

Empowering Dreams with Epic Games and Unreal Engine

As an indie developer fueled by passion, I understand the importance of tools that unlock our creative potential. That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Epic Games and Unreal Engine to anyone – from aspiring game makers to ambitious filmmakers.

Unreal Engine isn’t just a state-of-the-art game engine; it’s a creative powerhouse. It empowers us to craft the games we dream of, pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge technology that was once only accessible to AAA studios.

But Unreal Engine’s reach extends far beyond gaming. Architects, filmmakers, and countless other creators utilize its versatility to bring their visions to life. This diverse ecosystem fosters collaboration and inspiration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

In 2014, Epic Games made a game-changing move – freeing Unreal Engine for the public. This opened doors for countless creators like myself, and I haven’t looked back. Every hour spent learning and mastering this engine has been an investment in my creative freedom.

If you’re a developer yearning to forge your own path, I urge you to consider Epic Games and Unreal Engine. It’s not just a platform; it’s a community of visionaries who support each other’s dreams. Trust me, choosing Unreal Engine will be a decision you’ll never regret.

– Mohamed Fawzy, Founder

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