Press Kit

Here you can find Salama Productions’ approved marketing assets, including our logotype, game screenshots and general photography.


Logo History


(2018) Foundation Logo

This is the first logo created for Salama Productions on 29 December 2018 during its formation stage. It has been our official logo from (29 December 2018) to (1 October 2021).

Salama Productions logo 2018



(2021) Logo 

This is the original logo of Salama Productions created in 2021 during its growing stage. It has been our official logo since (2 October 2021).


Salama Productions 2021 logo


This is a 3D environment likeness done in Unreal Engine. We have been working on this real-time game cinematic demo to demonstrate how UE4 can simulate real-life film, down to every technical detail such as camera, sensor size, lens, aspect ratio, film response, etc.

Salama Productions Cinematic Game Environment Art.


Screenshots from our tech demo made in Unreal Engine.

Screenshot of a game environment inspired by a federal bureau.

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