Epic Games Store Self-Publishing!

Epic Games Store self-publishing
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March 9, 2023

Epic Games Store Launches Self-Publishing Tools for Game Developers and Publishers

Epic Games has announced the launch of self-publishing tools for the Epic Games Store, allowing game developers and publishers to release their games on the platform with more efficiency and control. The self-publishing tools are available to any developer or publisher with games meeting the store’s requirements, which include supporting achievements, crossplay, age ratings, and prohibited content.

The self-publishing tools are accessible through the Epic Developer Portal, where developers and publishers can create and manage their store pages, upload builds, set prices, request ratings, and monitor performance. The Epic Developer Portal also provides access to other Epic services, such as Epic Online Services for cross-platform features, Unreal Engine for game development, and Support-A-Creator for affiliate marketing.

By distributing their games on the Epic Games Store, developers and publishers can reach a global audience of over 230 million users across 187 countries with 16 languages supported. They can also benefit from the 88/12 revenue split offered by Epic Games, as well as the option to use their own or a third-party payment solution to receive 100% of the revenue from in-app purchases. Additionally, Unreal Engine royalties are waived for in-store purchases using Epic’s payment processor.

The Epic Games Store also offers various features to drive player engagement and retention, such as wishlists, achievements, store-wide promotions, and more. The store supports 76 payment methods with 47 regional currencies and more on the way. Users can also load up their Wallet with funds to spend on products and services in the store, now available in more than 140 countries.

Epic Games hopes that the self-publishing tools will lead to “exponential growth in our catalog of games and apps” and empower developers and publishers to bring their creative visions to life. The self-publishing tools are now available for registered developers on the Epic Games website¹². For more information and resources on the self-publishing tools, visit the Epic Games blog³ or watch the tutorial video⁴.

The Store is now open to all developers and publishers!

Epic Games Store self-publishing


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