The Amazing Story of Game Zanga 12: How Arab Game Developers Created Games That Changed The Rules in Only 3 Days

Mohamed Fawzy

Written by Mohamed Fawzy

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July 19, 2023

A game development event that challenges the participants to create games that break the rules

Salama Productions, an independent video game developer based in Cairo, Egypt, has announced its participation as one of the supporters of Game Zanga 12 زنقة الالعاب , a game development event that gathers Arab game enthusiasts and developers in a workshop to create games based on a specific theme in only three days.

The event is organized by Danar Kayfi , a passionate game developer who has been selected as one of the GI 100 Game Changers of 2020 , and hosted by . The theme of the event is “Change The Rules”, which challenges the participants to create games that break the conventions or expectations of the genre, mechanics, or narrative.

Salama Productions Supports Game Zanga 12 Participants on SaudiGN Discord Server

Salama Productions were part of a consulting team that provided exclusive consultation and feedback to the participants on SaudiGN discord server , a platform that supports game development in the Arab region, especially Saudi Arabia, by providing a cooperative environment, services, events, and opportunities for game developers at all levels.

Salama Productions is also cooperating with SaudiGN to promote its indie games, such as its upcoming title Off The Grid: Bad Dream , a cinematic and story-driven mystery and thriller game that follows the story of a survivor of a car accident whose life becomes a strange dream. The game explores the blurred line between fiction and reality in an immersive and captivating way.

A great opportunity for learning, experimenting, and collaborating in game development

Game Zanga 12 started on Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 7 pm Saudi time, and will end on Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 7 pm Saudi time. The participants will be able to submit their games on , and rate other games based on their use of the theme, fun factor, creativity, and aesthetics.

The theme of Change The Rules encourages the participants to explore new possibilities and solutions in game development. It also reflects the growing demand and competition in the game market, as many players are looking for games that offer unique and diverse experiences.

Some of the participants shared their feedback and experience with Game Zanga 12. For example, some people said: “Game Zanga 12 was a great opportunity for me to learn new skills and collaborate with other game developers. I enjoyed working on the theme of Change The Rules and creating a game that challenges the players’ expectations.” Some others said: “I loved participating in Game Zanga 12. It was fun and rewarding to create a game in only three days with the help of SaudiGN. I learned a lot from their consultation and feedback.

Now is the time to test the games and rate … Rating ends in a week!


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